Revenue recognition for SaaS+ companies

Comply with ASC 606. Eliminate Spreadsheets. Get Timely and Accurate Revenue Results.

To grow your SaaS+ business you need to ย 
Automate Rev Rec

Tracking Deferred Revenue properly requires

  • Roll-forward your deferred revenue
  • Recognize revenue at the lowest level
  • Pro-rate recognition
  • Lock down closed accounting periods
  • Deal with cancellations / modifications

RevRec gets even more complex when you

  • Bundle products or services
  • Offer discounts
  • Modify contracts
  • Offer add-ons
  • And moreโ€ฆ

Spreadsheets can't handle this

  • Delays in results
  • Errors in results
  • Too much resource time
  • Lack of meaningful reporting
  • Frustrated accountants

REVLOCK ย is your answer

Learn more about how you can Eliminate Manual Spreadsheets AND NOT Over-spend on Costly ERP Solutions
  • Comply with ASC 606

  • Get GAAP Revenue Faster

  • Reduce Errors

  • Improve Auditability

  • Get Better Insights into Revenue

  • Manage Growth

RevLock Sales Contract

Fully Automated Revenue Recognition Solution

Automation + Controls + User Experience = ASC 606 Done Right
Contract Data

One "source of truth" for accounting's interpretation of customer contract data.

Deferred Revenue Tracking

Tracking of Deferred Revenue at the lowest level with roll-forward and forecasted views.

Revenue Recognition Rules

Easy-to-use and controlled library for RevRec rules expressed at the level you need.

SSP Library / Analyzer

The standalone selling price library (SSP) is a dynamic and easy-to-use Library containing all SSP data at the product level, synced to your price book.

Sales Commissions

Automated capture and amortization of deferred commission expense over expected life of contract.

Complex Arrangements

Identification of all performance obligations after factoring in variable considerations per ASC 606.

Subledger and Journal Entries

Separate accounting vs. reporting period concept, configurable GL account posting logic, automatic prior-period adjustments and true-ups.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time reporting of revenue at multiple levels across multiple dimensions and across multiple time periods. Analyze trends and explain changes with precision.

Controls and Audit

Accounting systems require higher level of controls. This includes robust security, user access controls, embedded balance reconciliations, preventative controls for completeness and accuracy.

What makes REVLOCK Different

A Specialized Solution that Fits your Exact Needs


Revenue Recognition is what we do! Accounting focused.


Controlled, Transparent, and Auditable.


Easily Integrates with CRM, Billing / Invoicing, and GL Packages.


We know what your accounting and finance team needs.

Overall Value

Most functionality, best fit, fastest to market = highest overall value.

It's easy

Be Up-and-Running in Days, Not Months.

Setup your Revenue Rules

Configure your Revenue Recognition Methodology
Configure your standalone selling price library, revenue recognition and commission rules.

Sync your Data

Get your Data into REVLOCK
REVLOCK can connect to your sales and billing systems to intelligently pull in data and produce revenue recognition results.

Confirm Results

Review Roll-forward and Journals
Analyze deferred revenue and recognized revenue analytics and set your accounting close period according to your own schedule.